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naomi.mountains.net.au the old name

70 Km west of Sydney, N.S.W, Australia


Naomi's claim-to-fame, at least as far as this Internet server is concerned, is that she gave good advice to her daughter-in-law, Ruth. Read about her in the Bible, in the Book of Ruth.


Naomi lives in the Lower Blue Mountains, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. She is a Linux box, devoted to Christian and Amateur Radio material.
A Fibre To The Premises NBN link is used to connect her, to Exetel Internet's backbone. Was ADSL until 9/7/2019.
was FTTC until August 2023, upgraded to FTTP.

The NBN is here, Fibre To The Curb, (FTTC) with a new provider who offers a Fixed IP address service on Home/Residential plans
so I can run this here home webserver.
The install was Plug-N-Play, done in minutes. Except, we waited a month for the phone line to transfer to VOIP.

Established by Alan Beard

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